20 Year Reunion a Success!

Our 20 Year Reunion was a success! There were 105 at the reunion party, 35-40 at the school tour, 60+ at the football game and 40-50 at the picnic. And that’s not even counting the post-game and post-reunion parties either! We’re guessing 150+ classmates in all. It was great to see everyone who was able to attend and for those who couldn’t, we hope to see you next time! Make sure to keep your contact info updated with us.

20th Reunion Info

The date for our 20th Reunion has been set!  Make plans now to attend on September 8, 2018 at Calhoun’s Oak Ridge!

Get details and tickets here!

Verify your info

An email was just sent out to verify the contact info we have on file for everyone. Did you get it yet? If not – you can click here to sign up!

Site Updated

In anticipation of our 20 Year Reunion – our website has been updated to a more modern platform and design!  Stay tuned for more reunion news and announcements!

10-Year Reunion Summary

Our 10-Year Reunion was a success! Everyone has been saying what a great time they had! It was REALLY good to see so many of us together again! And the new school was really an amazing thing to see!

According to our count we had:
65 people at the football game,
75-80 people at the tour and picnic,
and 120 people at the reunion party!

Not everyone made it to every single event, but it appears that we had about 135 individuals total in attendance, along with about 20 more kids at the picnic!

We’d really like to thank everyone who came to the events, and everyone who pitched in to get everything ready. The only “surprise” we ran into was the construction at the Country Club!

Photos are already popping up on facebook and myspace! Don’t forget you can also add your photos to http://www.orhs1998.com if you’d like!

Now our next task is to decide when to have our next event (15, 20, 25 years?), make it bigger and better, and continue tracking down our classmates. We actually had a little extra money (due to surprise appearances from a few) left over, which we will use towards our next reunion! Until then, we will keep the http://www.orhs1998.com site running (updates coming soon) along with our Yahoo group – so remember that you can update your own address/phone/ e-mail on the site, or just let us know and we’ll add it for you!

Thanks again everyone!

Don’t forget to buy your ticket!

We are down to the VERY LAST WEEK of ticket sales! Don’t forget to buy your ticket if you will be attending the reunion! We need everyone to buy their ticket by October 3, 2008 if they plan to attend. This is because we have to provide the Country Club with the number of people who will be attending, along with the catering info… not to mention getting the tickets for the Football Game, letting the school know how many people will be attending the tour, number of people for the Civic Center and the picnic caterer…. So as you can see, buying the tickets in advance is something we’re required to ask everyone to do. Buy yours today!

Online Yearbook Added

It took a minute, but the online yearbook has been added! Now comes the fun part of coding the “search by last name” type of stuff… But go ahead and update your info! Submit a current photo! Brag on what you’ve been up to since college! Heck, let me know what I forgot!


Through a 2-stage polling process and 124 total votes cast, the ORHS Class of 1998 10-year reunion date was officially set for the weekend of October 17, 18 and 19.

So go ahead and mark your calendars! Events are being planned right now!!! There will be many exciting chances to catch up with our old classmates and you won’t want to miss out! Be there! We’ve waited for 10-years to have this event, so you know it’s going to be a good one!

Blankenship Field Photos

I’ve added a few photos of Blankenship Field… Feel free to upload some photos too if you have any!

Deceased Classmates Page Added

Thanks for the suggestion to add a Deceased Classmates page.
It has been added as requested. Visit the page, and if there is a name that has been left off, you can submit it there. Thanks